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Analytic P.

Michael Eldred

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Last modified 07 June 2016
Version 1.0 26 May 2016
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    A philosophical rock song 

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    Bertie said to me, buddy, can't you see,  
    All that you can know, all that you can know, are sense-data.
    Where are these data?
    He said, in your brain, in your brain. 

    Ref. A):
    Analytic pee, academic wee-wee, 
    analytic drivel, academic piddle,
    analytic piss, it goes like this. 

    Bertie then proclaimed, somewhat overstrained,  
    I must get acquainted with particulars. 
    What are particulars? 
    He said, thoughts, feelings, images and sense-data, 
    thoughts, feelings, images... 

    Ref. B):
    Analytic dribble, academic quibble, 
    analytic pee, academic wee-wee, 
    analytic piss, let's give it a miss. 

    Universals are opposed, as everybody knows, 
    to the particulars, to particulars 
    given in sensation, in sensation. 
    Universals are conceptual entities, conceptual entities. 

    Ref. A)

    Particulars exist in time, otherwise it don't rhyme, 
    Universals, universals have timeless being, timeless being. 
    They're unchangeable, rigid and exact,, 
    unchangeable, rigid...

    Ref. B)

    Being quite confused, with what Bertie had mused, 
    I asked him, I asked him, what then is a physical object, a physical object? 
    He said, constructions from actual and possible sense-data,  
    from actual and possible...  

    Ref. A)

    6) = 1)

    Ref. B)

    * Note: The lyrics are based on A.J. Ayer's essay, 'An Appraisal of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy' in Bertrand Russell: Philosopher of the Century (ed.) Ralph Schoenman, George Allen & Unwin, London 1967 pp.167-178, including direct quotations from Bertrand Russell's works.  

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    Analytic P.  MP3 audio file.
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