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Ballad of Phi & Psi

Michael Eldred

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Last modified 01-Jun-2016
Version 2.0 January 2016
Version 1.0 September 2015
First put on site 28 September 2015
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    The companion song to The Land of Matta.

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    0. Lyrics to song

    Phi and Psi set out one day,
    in search of Mu,
    left their home behind them,
    the stone lions, too.
    The ancient Mu was a refugee,
    from an ancient city,
    thought too much for his fellows' taste,
    so he had to flee.

    Refrain 1 a):
    And it's all in search of time,
    without it, nothing rhymes.
    a) Mu was out to prove,
    without time, you can't move.

    Phi and Psi flew to Matta,
    a land lying to the east.
    Prof. picked them up at the airport,
    they were pleased to meet.
    Old Wal told them many things,
    about the Mattan mind-set.
    They were sticklers for efficiency,
    without which they got upset.

    Refrain 1 b)
    And it's all in search of time,
    without it, there's no rhyme.
    b) Mu was on a quest,
    without time, there's nothing left.

    Thousand pieces of slippery dip
    lying on the ground,
    wondrously they fly together,
    (ver. 1: suddenly they fly to integrate,)
    becoming whole without a sound.
    Zinbeil was behind it all,
    keeping things in his grip.
    Roger took a stillstand against it,
    gave electrons a chance to sit.

    Refrain 2
    And it's all to rescue time,
    tied down to a line.
    Movement could hardly breathe,
    since Willy had taken the lead.
    Mu was out to wrest
    the timeline off movement's chest.

    Riding on electron steeds,
    it was rather fun.
    Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck,
    blew the horses to kingdom come.
    Phi and Psi sat on digital steps,
    waiting for the magnet to return.
    Now they were captives of Turingia,
    by algorithms constantly disturbed.

    Refrain 2

    On regaining human shape,
    aided by Eulerian electrons,
    Phi and Psi were gratefully
    released from cybernetic prison.
    Learned to live with indeterminacy
    on hearing Upper Mattan orations,
    watched harmonic oscillators jump
    to Angela Momenta's gyrations.

    Refrain 1 a) + b)

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    Ballad of Phi & Psi ver. 1  MP3 audio file
    Ballad of Phi & Psi ver. 2  MP3 audio file
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