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Cybernetic Feedback Loop

Michael Eldred

artefact text and translation

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Last modified 29-Sep-2015
Version 1.0 September 2009
First put on site 08 September 2009
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    Table of contents

    0. Lyrics

     1. MP3 audio file


    0. Lyrics to song

    Let's go back to the beginning, 
    Where we can start again.
    There's been so many things tried by now,
    Yet we're as clueless as the rain. 
    How to escape this cybernetic feedback loop? X 2

    Reinvention of the wheel, 
    Breaking of the seal. X 2

    People are looking for something, 
    People like making it up.
    People are electing governments,
    People are stuck in a rut.
    They never escape their cybernetic feedback loops. X 2 


    People have to drive their cars to work, 
    People are happy somehow.
    People like voicing opinions,
    People twitter and twattle now.
    How do I escape their cybernetic feedback loop? X 2 


    Let's go back to the beginning, 
    Is there another move left to play?
    People are everywhere these days,
    Nobody can run away.
    That's how to escape this cybernetic feedback loop. X 2 

    Refrain twice and breakdown fade 

    1. MP3 audio file 

    Cybernetic Feedback Loop as  MP3 audio file
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