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Last modified 30-Apr-2017
Version 1.1 30-Apr-2017
Version 1.0 October 2009
First put on site 21-Oct-2009
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    Which mask will I wear, to show off out there?
    Not one that's off the rack, and self-conceit soon hits back,
    But one that truly sits, as someone who's got some wits.


    We're nobodies all dressed up, we all dance, try our luck.
    Trust is a precarious floor, with many hidden trap-doors.
    You all talk about me, third person's the third degree.

    Refrain 1)

    Take myself seriously, without taking myself seriously.
    A tight fit is to be achieved, then the others have to believe.


    Guess who you are, guess who I am,
    It's all a mirror game, sometimes it's played without shame.
    Let's hit it back and forth, learn the rules along the course. 


    What are you worth? Is it from birth?
    Have you a good name? Are you without blame?
    Others are holding up the scales, trying to put you beyond the pale.

    Refrain 2)

    Climb up that golden ladder of esteem,
    Show what you've got, you know how to gleam.
    Light shining from your eyes,
    This time you've taken the prize.


    What can I do for you? What can you do for me?
    It's always give and take, altruism's mostly fake.
    The game's called mutuality, not sham solidarity.


    Exchanges can be fair, kindness improves the air,
    Unfairness is the ugly face, cheating has always been a disgrace.
    Outdo each other on the level, resist the urge to dally with the devil.

    Refrain 3)

    Climb up that golden ladder of esteem,
    Show what we've got, we know how to gleam.
    Light shining from our eyes, this time we've taken the prize.

    1. MP3 audio file 

    Who-Game as  MP3 audio file

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