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Movement Moves

Michael Eldred

artefact text and translation

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Last modified 08-Aug-2016
Version 2.0 August 2016
Version 1.0 September 2009
First put on site 21 September 2009
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    Table of contents

    0. Lyrics

     1. MP3 audio file


    0. Lyrics to song


    (They say) 

    Time passes, it flows. 
    Time arrives, and then it goes.
    Time's there, and it's not.
    Time vanishes, steals the plot.
        Drink our fill, while it lasts. x 2


    Change comes, habits swept away, 
    Things change faces, open another play.
    Locked into a standstill, easing it apart,
    Unfreezing of the joints, freeing of the heart.
        Dive into the stream, you're in your element. x 2


    Falling of the sky, no one could predict, 
    Leaping with a sigh, over the chasm quick.


    Movement moves, let it move, 
    Parmenides's dead, it's all been let loose.
    Zeno's arrow quivers, on its way to Mars,
    Heisenberg's uncertain, where he'll find the stars.
        Einstein confides, he can't let go. x 2


      Einstein confides, he can't let go. x 1

    3) [upbeat] 

    3) [upbeat] Movement moves, Einstein's in the groove,
    et cetera

    1. MP3 audio file 

    Movement Moves as   MP3 audio file (ver. 1.0)
    MP3 audio file (ver. 2.0)
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