A Question of Time

An alternative cast of mind

Michael Eldred

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Available from, CreateSpace and other Amazon online bookstores worldwide (e.g. at as a paperback) under the title A Question of Time: An alternative cast of mind CreateSpace 2015 282 pp. ISBN 978-1514722244 and LCCN: 2015910268.

About the book 

The question of time is a question of time. How long will it take for the question concerning time to become the question of our time? That neither you nor I know. Today the question is still being evaded, as if it had been settled for all time already by Aristotle. Modern science, even today's most advanced quantum physics, despite eschewing Aristotle as superseded, nevertheless remains true to his conception of linear, numeric time. It doesn't want to touch the question for fear of losing control over time as a mathematizable physical variable. But is time physical? The guiding thesis of the present collection of essays is that it is not, but neither is it a formal construct inside subjective consciousness. Therein lies the subversive adventurousness of the study, which is the philosophical companion to The Land of Matta (2015).

The author 

Michael Eldred trained as a mathematician at Sydney University, then gaining a doctorate in philosophy, where he has numerous publications in several languages in the areas of phenomenology and socio-political philosophy. Books include Critique of Competitive Freedom and the Bourgeois-Democratic State: Outline of a Form-Analytic Extension of Marx's Uncompleted System 1984, Phänomenologie der Männlichkeit 1999, Heidegger, Hölderlin e John Cage 2000, Capital and Technology: Marx and Heidegger 2000, Social Ontology: Recasting Political Philosophy Through a Phenomenology of Whoness 2008 and The Digital Cast of Being: Metaphysics, Mathematics, Cartesianism, Cybernetics, Capitalism, Communication 2009.

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