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This is a site of independent philosophical thinking, free from institutional strictures.
It is also Heidegger territory but not Heidegger for the sake of Heidegger.
His thinking is here the gateway to a critical engagement with the entire Western tradition of thinking: Plato & Aristotle, Descartes & Leibniz, Hegel & Marx, among others.
The focus is not on an exposition of Heidegger, but on critically reassessing, and suitably twisting and extending, his deconstruction of metaphysics.
Not the quiet front of the scholarly history of ideas, but the jagged, cutting, bleeding, leading edge itself.
Doing phenomenology means learning to see in an age struck by wilful mental blindness and obsessed with efficient causality. 
Blindness will not be alleviated by any established mainstream thinking for all accepted ways of thinking have something to lose.
Issues include: 
The "step back" from metaphysics vs. the side-step into interplay
The Gestell (the technological set-up) vs. the Gewinnst (the gainful game of capitalism)
What could it mean to 'get over' the modern, Cartesian age or the endless striving for gain? 
Is there an alternative to decomposing beings into bits? 
The question concerning Mitsein or worldsharing 
How to get over the fixation on whatness to the exclusion of whoness? 
The unasked question concerning the ontology of social and political power
How to twist free of the age-old philosophical orientation toward the third person singular?
How are you-and-I (first-and-second person) and we (first person plural) at all possible?


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