Exzeß und Fraktur des Anderen

Die Braut, die Junggesellen und ihre Zeugen
- Drei (Wunsch)szenen - 
Bernini: Die Ekstasen der Hl. Theresa; 
Freud: Der Traum von Irmas Injektion; 
Duchamp: Das Große Glas - La mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même.

Astrid Nettling

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Cologne, Germany

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Title in English

    Excess and Fracture of the Other

    The Bride, the Bachelors and their Witnesses
    - Three (Wishing) Scenes - 
    Bernini: The Ecstasies of the Holy Theresa; 
    Freud: The Dream of Irma's Injection; 
    Duchamp: The Large Glass - La mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires, même.

First paragraph in English

    The following text repeats. It unfolds as a (textual) movement which adjoins a complex mechanism that regulates an internal relationship which puts image and text into relation with each other and at the same time sets them apart from each other and in so doing returns to its fracture and renews. The movement of renewal and adjoining as which the text makes its entrance sets a mechanism into motion (again) which is led through an exterior beyond the internal tension of text and image, an outside-the-scene (a further fracture that marks the margin comes into play) whose resonance is repeated by the text - it takes up, resumes and witnesses - by appending itself to a scene, a place of representation which is exceeded, expropriated and incised by an excess, by something that goes beyond every measure, which transcends every measure of representation. For the mechanism functions essentially by something not allowing itself to be staged. Instead, image and text always miss the mark, come after the event or experience their own inadequacy.

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